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Dream Admin Services can provide friendly and efficient handling of all your crucial business telephone calls. Our team is fully prepared to follow your instructions, handling your calls in the precise manner you prescribe. We offer a flexible month-to-month telephone coverage plan that's customised to suit the needs of your business.

Our virtual reception solutions offer a flexible month-to-month telephone coverage plan that is customised to suit the needs of your business. Our premium Virtual Receptionist service ranges from full coverage to as little as one-call-a day or one-hour-a-day service to relieve you in house receptionist during lunch hours or team meetings. Whether you need regular, year round telephone coverage or simply require a bit of extra help during especially busy periods when call volume is high, Dream Admin Services is available to meet all your telephone answering needs.


How we handle your calls

Your team of virtual receptionists are available to answer your calls during business hours. Every call is promptly answered by one of our professional staff, who will answer the call in your company's name with a custom greeting determined by you. We are proud to report that our receptionists answer 98% of customer calls in less than 10 seconds. These specialists then offer friendly, helpful, and efficient handling of every call. When you sign up for our service, we know you'll notice the difference!

Your callers will be able to reach you anywhere when our receptionists use your choice of the following call-handling options:

Information Provided to Caller

Our receptionists can also provide callers with the information you place on file about your business (i.e. what your business does, company website, postal or street address, directions to your location, fax number and, if you are away, when you expect to return). In addition our team can take bookings and appointments for you.

Message Handling

If you are unavailable, don't wish to take a call or on a status of "do not disturb", your friendly receptionist takes a message and you receive it immediately via email and/or SMS.


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